McKown Maintenance Plan

If the Answer is YES You Want a McKown Maintenance Plan!

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with our Maintenance Plans…

piggy bank
Discounted Pricing: 

By signing up for a pre-determined length of time you’ll enjoy discounted AND locked-in pricing!

Planned Budgeting:

Locked in set pricing for a fixed period of time allows for more effective budgeting.

bulls eyeFinished Product Consistency:

Avoid mistakes like incorrect paint colors or inconsistent item replacement by using the same vendor for plan term.

stop watchTime Savings for You:

You’ll save time by not having to search for a new vendor each time the same services are needed.

 calendarPriority Scheduling:

Communities on maintenance plans get first priority of when they would like services scheduled.

Contact us to learn more and remember that…

Great idea McKown Maintenance Plans make great fiscal…and common…$ENSE!