Fall Home Maintenance Checklist For Safety And Comfort


As the leaves change colors and the air becomes crisp, it’s a sure sign that fall has arrived. While many people associate this season with pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorations, it’s also a critical time for homeowners to tackle essential maintenance tasks to prepare for the colder months ahead and make their home BOO-tiful!

To help you stay on top of your home maintenance while embracing the spirit of Halloween, McKown Pressure Washing has conjured up a comprehensive Fall Home Maintenance Checklist sprinkled with some ghoulish Halloween fun.

This checklist includes an essential step for reviewing and enhancing your home’s safety measures to protect you from things that go bump in the night and other safety measures to keep your home on track for the colder weather right around the corner.

Safety First: Your Home’s Vital Safety Features Review

It’s important to review your home’s safety features thoroughly. This is also the perfect opportunity to gather your family and check your fire evacuation plan.

Follow these steps to ensure your home is safe from the dirty monster and other ghoulish visitors.

Check Your Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

  • Replace each detector’s batteries and vacuum them with a soft brush attachment.

  • Test them by pressing the test button or holding a smoke source near the unit to ensure they can detect any ghostly smoke.

  • Make sure you have a smoke detector on every floor.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance:

  • Always keep at least one fire extinguisher that is rated for all types of fires in case of emergencies, such as fire-breathing dragons or a kitchen fire.

  • Place one near the kitchen and consider having one on each floor.

  • Check the pressure gauge annually to ensure the extinguisher is charged.

  • Check the lock pin and discharge nozzle for clogs and damage, and clean the extinguisher.

  • Replace it if it appears severely damaged.

  • Remember to replace fire extinguishers over six years old and mark the purchase date on the new unit with a permanent marker.

Freshen Your Filters In Your Home:

Dirty filters can cause furnaces, vacuums, air purifiers, and other appliances to run inefficiently, making it easier for creepy crawlies to sneak around.

  • Label and Date: When you install a new filter, label it with the installation date. This will help you keep track of how long it’s been in use.

  • Use High-Quality Filters: Invest in high-quality filters that are designed to trap more particles. They may last longer and provide better filtration.

  • Keep Surrounding Areas Clean: Dust and debris in the vicinity can contribute to filter clogs. Regularly clean the areas around your appliances to reduce the introduction of dirt.

  • Vacuum or Wash Filters: Some filters are reusable. If so, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning them, either by vacuuming or washing, to extend their lifespan.

  • Pet Considerations: If you have pets, be aware that their fur and dander can clog filters more quickly. Adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly.


Exterior Fall Home Prep

Clean And Inspect Gutters To Prevent Damage

Before those autumn leaves clog in your gutters, grab your ladder, clean gutters, and downspout with a leaf blower or a trusty ole witches broom. Make it a family activity and inspect them for any damage to prevent potential water damage.

Check For Drafts In Window And Doors

Inspect windows and doors for drafts that can let in the cold air. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal gaps, ensuring your home remains warm, energy-efficient, and ghost-free.

Clean The Fireplace And Chimney

Before brewing your first enchanting concoction over a cozy fire. It is essential to ensure that the fireplace and chimney are professionally cleaned and inspected for safe and efficient use.

This will ensure a safe experience while preparing your witch’s cauldron and keep you warm throughout the chilling season. So, make sure to clean the fireplace and chimney beforehand.

Rake Leaves To Prevent Lawn Damage

Raking leaves can be a chore, but it’s essential to prevent damage to your lawn and to avoid creating hiding spots for mischievous Halloween spirits. Consider composting the leaves or using them as mulch in your garden in the cooler weather.

Check Outdoor Lighting To Provide Safety

As the days get shorter, ensure your outdoor lighting is working to provide safety and security around your property, especially from the ghoulish creatures of the night that roam during the Halloween season.

Winterize Your Gas Grill

Clean and store your gas grill properly to prevent rust and damage during freezing temperatures in winter. Cover it securely and keep the propane tank in a safe, cool location.

Turn Off Exterior Faucets To Protect From Cold Weather Damage

Prevent frozen pipes by turning off and draining exterior faucets and disconnecting hoses. This will protect your plumbing from cold weather damage.


See About Soft Washing Your Siding

To safeguard your house from the harmful effects of dirt, mold, moss, algae, and other growths, it’s crucial to clean its exterior siding. High-pressure blasting can be risky, but McKown’s low-pressure heated washing is the safest and most efficient way to clean your home.

Soft washing is fast and effective, so getting a quote from a professional power washing company for the best safety and effectiveness is advisable. This way, you can keep your home’s exterior looking SPOOKtacular without worries.

Refresh Exterior Paint Before Winter

Fall provides numerous warm days suitable for exterior paint touch-ups, extending the life of your siding and trim. Applying a fresh coat of paint or sealer to surfaces vulnerable to snow, such as porch stairs and wood floors, is a wise move.

To ensure the best results, contact a local painting company, like McKown Pressure Washing And Painting, especially when the temperature drops below 45° to 50°F. McKown’s residential painting services can handle a variety of projects, whether it be traditional southern homes with intricate trim or modern homes with trendy designs.

Cozy Up for Fall: The Complete Interior Maintenance Guide

Turn Ceiling Fans Downwards During Colder Months

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans clockwise to circulate warm air downwards during the colder months, which can help you save on heating costs.

Extend The Life Of A Mattress By Flipping It

No coffins are to be found here! Instead, extend the life of your mattress and provide even wear by flipping it. This simple step can improve your sleep quality and comfort, ensuring your nightly slumber remains as restful as a vampire’s eternal rest.

Summon The Humidifier’s Magic

Remember to keep the humidifier’s magic alive in your home by checking it this fall as the autumn chill weaves its enchantment. Humidifiers are like mystical guardians, preserving indoor comfort during the drier months, warding off the curses of dry skin and sore throats, and protecting wooden furniture and floors.

Please take a moment to inspect your humidifier for any signs of wear or mineral buildup, ensuring it’s in good working condition. Clean the water tank and replace filters if needed to keep the air in your home comfortably moist, making your fall season more bewitching and healthier for you and your coven.


All kidding aside, fall is a season of change and preparation, both for the colder months ahead and for guarding against supernatural forces during the Halloween season.

Following this comprehensive Home Maintenance Checklist, you can enjoy a cozy and secure autumn while knowing your home is protected from the dirty monsters and other spooky visitors that may lurk in your trees and shrubs.

So, grab your tools, enlist professional help where needed, and prepare your home for the upcoming season, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of fall and the thrills of Halloween to the fullest.

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